About Spark

Our vision is to revolutionise the SME lending market through technology.
Established in 2021, we've grown to a team of over 30 individuals, all dedicated to a singular mission: enhancing outcomes for both lenders and borrowers.

Supporting Lender Decisions - Lender Solutions:
Utilising cutting-edge technology such as Big Data and AI, we offer solutions to optimise the SME lending process. Our focus isn't on replacing human decision-making with automated systems but rather on augmenting it. By automating manual processes, our technology empowers lender personnel to concentrate on more strategic tasks of higher value. In addition to facilitating smarter decision-making, our suite of tools aids lenders in lead evaluation, credit analysis, onboarding, document collection, CRM integration, and more.
Connecting Borrowers and Lenders:
Our Spark platform facilitates quicker and simpler connections between SMEs and debt products. Leveraging automated data analysis and integration with the offerings of over 250 lenders, we've developed a streamlined process for rapidly qualifying businesses. Our advanced technology allows for instantaneous eligibility assessment across multiple products, expediting SMEs' journey to securing essential funding. Furthermore, we offer tailored lending solutions that assist lenders with various tasks, including onboarding, credit analysis, document collection, CRM integration, and beyond. We're continuously seeking new partnerships to join us on our mission to enhance finance in the UK.

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